Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life Size Animatronic of The Fly

On display at the Spooky Empire's May-hem and Transworld's Halloween Extreme in Orlando was this wonderful little fella, an original take on the 1950's version of the Fly in glorious life size, head turning animatronic wonderfulness. Check out the video below.

STOP, (Mego) Hammer Time!

If you've been here before you know I like monsters, heck it's in my name, and you also know I love Mego style figures especially the old Mad Monsters and the new Universal Monster Mego style figures. But I also love me some Hammer films, they were my dad's preferred version of the monsters especially Christopher Lee's Dracula, so when I learned there is a company making Mego style Hammer monster you can bet I was a happy little monster.
The company, Distinctive Dummies has produced some great short run figures in the past in 12 inch scale like The Thing from Another World, Vincent Price in House on Haunted Hill and the Curse of the Werewolf among others but now they have turned their attentions to the 8 inch Mego scale with some stunning results.

Lets take a look at the figures produced so far starting with Christopher Lee as Dracula, Prince of Darkness

First we have a reasonably good likeness of the actor, post a recent feeding. I think the choice of having him post meal with the blood on his fangs and around his mouth clearly sets this as a Hammer version of the character. It always seemed and my dad was quick to point out that the Hammer films had blood while the Universal ones did not. Moving on to the costume, the long red lined cape seems more impressive then the kind of short cape the Diamond Select Retro Universal Monsters Dracula has. I'm willing to bet one could slip some thin wire into this cape and pose it into some cool action poses. Also I have to point out that it's nice that the skin tone between the face and hands of this Dracula match, the Diamond Select mismatched hands and face just drive me up the wall. The packaging is very nice, reminiscent of the Mego Mad Monsters with a nice movie poster shot on the front and the lineup on the back and a blue theme for this monster. A really nice figure that at this time is unfortunately sold out .

Next we have Christopher Lee again as the Mummy in Hammer's The Mummy. Another great likeness here

in the face and the body has the dried out hollow husk I remember from the film where the Mummy had holes torn into him. I'm not a big Mummy fan but this is one version I can appreciate alot. The figure sells for $75.00 and is limited to 50 pieces

The most recent release is Christopher Lee as the Frankenstein Monster in Curse of Frankenstein. I l like different takes on the Monster that vary from the Karloff version and this is one of the more famous variations on the Monster. The head sculpt features the lumpy patchwork had of the monster with his jagged scars and the body has a nice reproduction of the long coat worn in the film. I so want to add this figure to my collection. Like the Mummy he is selling for $75.00 and limited to 50 pieces.

Now as much as I love this version of the monster, part of me hopes there is a series two so I can get the other version of Hammer's Frankenstein...the block head one....

The last figure planned for the line according to the packaging backs is a real favorite of mine, Oliver Reed as the Werewolf in Curse of the Werewolf. I have no pictures of what they have planned for this figure, but if we go by their previous 12" version and the customs of the character out there we are in for a sweeeeet werewolf


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